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Coffee bag weaving is a traditional craft in Finland. The plastic material of Finnish coffee bags is very durable and easy to handle. It also helps that most people in Finland drink a lot of coffee and getting the material for weaving is easy and most times free. There are a few different weaving techniques, and the coffee bags can also be sewn with a sewing machine.

Here you will find instructions for making unique coffee bag baskets and bags using square weaving technique! With square weaving, you can make durable baskets and bags without a sewing machine, glue or tape. Coffee bags are woven into squares, which are connected to each other with a ribbon or string from hinges formed at the edges of the squares. Square weaving can also be applied to the weaving of non-square shapes, resulting in different shapes and sizes for bags and baskets. The different colors, patterns and sizes of the coffee bags provide limitless possibilities for creative design and weaving. At the same time, recycling the material of the coffee bags makes weaving a practical and inexpensive craft.

Watch a 1 minute video to see what square weaving (ruutupunonta) is:

different weaving techniques

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