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The special bags for Juhla Mokka coffee in 2017 were Finland 100 years themed festive confetti-patterned coffee bags. There is plenty of pattern at the top of these bags, which makes pattern design and weaving easy, as there is no need for precise pattern placement. The only challenge with these bags was the reasonably low availability, as with many other seasonally patterned coffee bags. However, clearly more of these have accumulated than, for example, Mother’s Day bags, and weaving an entire bag was possible with little application.

So I had time to collect these bags for about four years and I might have found them somewhere else, but I got tired of waiting and made a bag with the material that I had. This bag used 126 confetti bags and 42 regular Juhla Mokka bags. I used the strips of regular bags for the squares at the bottom of the bag and the bottom three strips for the lower squares at the edges. Six of the squares are completely confetti patterns and two squares are completely non-patterned. The remaining six squares have three unpatterned strips and nine patterned ones.

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The squares are connected with a black gift cord and the top of the bag is finished with black anorak cord. The handles of the bag are made of 2.5 cm wide ribbon, the color of which is quite close to the base color of Juhla Mokka bags. The width of the ribbon is slightly larger than the strips used in the weave, but the weaving had just enough flexibility to thread the ribbon into the weave. In the video you will find more detailed steps for the weaving and making the bag.

1 thought on “confetti coffee bag bag”

  1. Johanna Betz

    I just discovered your YouTube channel a few weeks ago, and wanted to tell you that I love your bags and baskets. As I don’t drink coffee and husband uses K cups, it will be hard to amass a lot of bags, but my daughter says she uses about one bag a week, so that’s a start!
    I drink tea and make small baskets from the tea bags using the gum wrapper chain method. As they are made from paper, the uses are quite limited, and mostly I fill them with my coffee filter flowers or as a candy dish to give as gifts.
    I’m looking forward to trying your creations. Thanks for sharing your talent and for the wonderful inspiration!
    Johanna Betz
    South Paris, Maine

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