small basket with square ans zigzag weaving

This basket is a combination of square weaving (/square weaving) and one of the applications of zigzag weaving. The picture below shows the formation of the basket from strips cut from coffee bags. The square forms the bottom and part of the sides of the basket. The zigzag forms the rest of the sides of the basket. Folds are marked with a dashed line and the gray lines show the coffee bag strips.

The square base of the basket consists of 12 strips cut from the tops of Juhla Mokka packages. The zigzag consists of 24 black and white strips, which are from the logo of the old Juhla Mokka packages. So there are 36 strips in total. You can see the instructions for basket weaving in the video below.

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The height of the finished basket is 10,5 cm and the size of the base is 7×14 cm.

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