small basket with tilted design and holes

This weaving technique combines square weaving and windmill weaving. Woven squares are half the width of a standard woven square. The length left over from the strips is embedded in the adjacent square. The squares are therefore always woven next to each other, so they no longer need to be sewn together at the end as in square weaving. The finished basket therefore contains only one material, and no separate threads or ribbons are needed. At the end, there are strips left to hang on the edge of the woven basket, but they can be finished by e.g. threading them hidden inside the basket. There are definitely neater ways, but this way doesn’t require gluing or sewing.

The width of the strips is slightly wider than in 8×8 square weaving, i.e. 8 strips in a parallel woven square. This is because there is no need to leave extra room for the hinges, but only as much as is needed for weaving or inaccuracy of folding. The strip width in this 15,3 cm wide Presidentti coffee bag is 5,4 cm. About 6 coffee bags are enough for this basket.

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The size of this basket is approx. 9x9x9 cm.

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