coffee bag basket 10.5×10.5×10.5

zig zag weaving and square weaving in one basket

This coffee bag basket is combined with square weaving and zig zag weaving. The basket is the same size as the basket of two corner pieces and two triangles. The only difference is the turning of the edge, which makes the edge thicker and because of this a few more strips go into the basket as well. 12 strips went to the bottom of this basket and 24 to the edges.

The bottom of the basket is a plain woven square, the corners of which are also visible on the sides of the basket. The rest of the sides of the basket are formed by zig zag weaving.

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The parts of the basket are connected by a gift string, which has also been used to turn the corners of the edge. You can watch the full tutorial of the basket in the video:

The size of the finished basket is approx. 10,5 x 10,5 x 10,5 cm and it is perfect for storing small items, for example in a bathroom mirror cabinet.

juhla mokka organic basket

These Juhla Mokka organic coffee bags are narrower than other Juhla Mokka bags, have a matte finish and are incorporated into burlap patterns. So using these with regular Juhla Mokka bags would be a bit challenging, so I made a small basket which consists of 10 coffee bags. The width of the coffee bags is about 14,5 cm and the strips used in the weaving are 6,5 cm wide. The folded strip is thus 1 mm narrower than the usual Juhla Mokka bags when weaving.

This small basket consists of two corner pieces and two triangles. The pattern of the basket are designed so that in addition to the background color / pattern of the coffee bag, golden and black text and a golden coffee cup are visible on the outside. All green, white and logos are omitted from the inside of the basket.

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The four parts of the basket are joined with a gift ribbon and a gift ribbon is also threaded on the top of the basket for reinforcement. The size of the finished basket is about 10 x 10 x 10 cm.