basket made from small coffee bags with windmill weaving

Juhla Mokka serving bags are smaller in width and are well suited for windmill weaving. These bags with golden tops are from 2004-2006. The width of the bags is 12 cm.

In windmill weaving, there are four strips for one width of the coffee bag, which means that the strip to be cut according to the calculation formula in the lower picture is 8,5 cm wide. The folded strip is about 2,9 cm wide. Some of the bags had been cut open a little lower, making the top edges uneven. However, this does not hurt, as long as the uneven strip width is taken into account in the folding.

Folding these narrower bags is a bit challenging, but looking at the patterns on the bag, the fold lines are easy to define fairly accurately. In these strips, the pattern is determined by the fact that the upper edge of the strip is cut from the upper edge of the “paahtoastemittari” mark on the back of the bag.

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The strips are woven so that in one windmill all strips have the same end of the strip. This is, of course, impossible in forming the corners, but the windmills containing the different ends of the strips are hidden at the bottom of the basket.

In the video you can see the weaving of the basket. The size of the finished basket is about 21 x 20 x 28 cm and 115 coffee bags went into this basket.

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