Here you will find weaving patterns divided by most popular coffees in Finland. (Most of the pages are not yet translated to English so please visit the Finnish version for more pictures.) Most of the patterns are woven into 6×6 squares from strips 6,8 cm wide and the template described in the pattern design guide has been used as an aid for cutting. One 6×6 square has a total of 12 strips, making a total of 12 coffee bags used to make the three squares in the same picture. The cutting instructions in the pictures are indicative and in order to weave the exact pattern, a template suitable for your own weaving style must be used to cut the strips. There are some coffee bags in the pictures without an example of a weaving pattern yet, but the sections will be completed over time once empty coffee bags become available for weaving. However, in each section you will find some inspiration for designing your own squares.

YouTube playlist of different woven patterns>

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