presidentti coffee

There are two layers of plastic on Presidentti coffee bags and here the thin colorful outer layer has been removed to make the weaving easier.

Silver Presidentti bags with gold Kulta Mokka bags. Silver Presidentti coffee bags combined with golden Kulta Mokka serving size bags. Six strips of 6,8 cm wide, suitable for normal 6 × 6 square braiding, have been cut from the golden bags. The width of the strips cut from the Presidentti bags is calculated from the width of the Kulta Mokka bags so that there are eight strips in parallel.

Presidentti coffee bags and Moak coffee bags. This square combines Moak coffee bags with a silver Presidentti coffee bag. Coincidentally, the width of the Moak bag fits eight strips used in 6 × 6 square weaving, and there was no need to make a new stencil. Only the point where the silver stripe divides the black and purple area of the Moak bag has been used. The stripe is straight behind the bag, leaving a curved silver stripe at the front of the bag behind the square.

Small Presidentti coffee bags and Juhla Mokka coffee bags. Presidentti sachets do not have the same layers as larger packs. These can easily be woven into green small squares or even combined with red Juhla Mokka strips, as in this model. There is a clear difference in the thickness of the materials (the sachets are made of thinner plastic), but it does not hurt so much when weaving small baskets, for example. In this square, the strips cut from both bags are 5 cm wide, but due to the difference in width of the bags, the screen has six Juhla Mokka strips and eight Presidentti strips.

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