weaving supplies

On this page you can find the supplies I use for coffee bag weaving. In the first four, you can access the online stores where I bought the products in question by clicking the picture. The rest have been accessories already found at home.

Mattress needle for connecting pieces. The tip of the needle is sanded round with sandpaper. Shorter needles or, for example, a knitting needle with a gift string attached by taping, also work great. In more active use, a long needle is fast and therefore a handy tool.
Gift ribbon to connect the pieces. I use 10mm wide, which is sold in large rolls.
Polyester anorak cord 4mm for the upper edges of the bags. Other cords or even a gift string will also work. The most important thing is that it is durable and suits your taste.
Polypropylene webbing 20mm as carrying handles for bags. The width of the webbing should be chosen according to the width of the strips used for weaving. In the square weaving of six parallel strips, 20 mm wide can be easily threaded and it is not loose when threaded into the weave.
Scissors for cutting strips. I use basic Fiskars, but any scissors that are sharp enough and suitable for the hand will do.
Paper cutter for cutting strips. This is a bit too narrow, when the gauge is only enough to measure 6,7 cm. However, you can craft an additional part from paper or cardboard, which can be used to measure even wider strips.
Mikado game sticks as a help in weaving. Barbecue sticks and knitting needles also work well for this. However, use sticks that don’t hurt to be destroyed, because these sticks break easily.
Clothes pins help with weaving. Various craft clips are fine, if you happen to find them.
Pen and ruler for making a stencil. The angle ruler is handy, so you can easily get right angles with it.
Paper and cardboard packages, from which templates can be cut and an aid for folding.
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