Square weaving is a weaving technique that can be used to make woven squares from, for example, empty coffee bags. In this guide, Presidentti coffee bags have been used, with the green thin patterned layer on top removed. Six strips are woven side by side in both vertical and horizontal directions (6×6 square), i.e. a total of 12 strips will be woven into one square. You can see the woven squares of the patterned coffee bags and the different strip widths in the pattern design guide and the square weaving patterns.

From the woven squares, you can assemble e.g. baskets and bags. You need five squares to make a small basket and you get a handy shopping bag from 14 squares. There are many possible shapes and sizes of bags and baskets, and these guidelines focus only on making the most common designs. Square weaving can also be applied to the weaving of corner pieces, for example, which further increases the countless possibilities of square weaving and creative solutions.